Calamus One new generation E-bike from India

Calamus One new generation E-Bike from India, Funded successfully from Indiegogo. World safest and most advanced E-bike ever. E-bike has some futuristic features, World’s first e-bike…inbuilt TFT touchscreen, fingerprint enabling and worldwide tracking’ as security features. There is a front mono-shock and sleek StVZO-compliant integrated LEDs.

Google map navigation

This bike is google map-enabled to easily navigate anywhere around the world using a global network card and a GPS chip that comes inbuilt into the bike.

Ultra-Secure Fingerprint unlock

The bike also has an ultra-fast biometric scanner for locking, unlocking and rider profile recognition. The scanner is a capacitive fingerprint scanner that is located just below the screen on the handlebar.

Geo-tracking and fencing

The GPS and GSM worldwide chip enables worldwide tracking of the bike in case it gets lost or stolen. You can track it very easily using the Find my ride feature on our mobile application. The tracking shows the bike history and informs the user of the location in case a thief is trying to steal the bike.


Component theft is a big problem in all cities around the world. We have come up with patent-pending theft-proof fasteners that can only be opened using a special tool that is provided with the bike. These fasteners look very similar to the conventional fasteners but cannot be accessed with conventional tools.

Calamus One specifications

It has a Hydraulic Brake system, Front Monoshock, grippy tires, central lock discs, Ergo saddle, suspension seat post, belt drive system, Ergo pedals, and wireless drive system.

Calamus one Sepcs

Calamus One Price

Price of Calamus One-25 $1,997, Price of Calamus One-50 $2,298, Price of Calamus One-75 $2,298. Calamus One available in three colour Steal Gary, Panther Black, and Ceramic White. Now Live on INDIEGOGO.

Calamus One

Source (Indiegogo)

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