India may launch the world’s first Hyperloop one technology

Hyperloop One is an American company which works on the high-speed transportation system. This company was established in 2014. At first, Elon Musk introduced the concept of Hyperloop.

World’s first Hyperloop One project has approved by the government of Maharashtra cabinet in India. Hyperloop project will connect Mumbai to Pune in very fewer minutes. In present, this distance takes 3 hours to travel. This transport system, which is faster and sustainable from other modes of transport. Hyperloop one transport system based on electric propulsion and magnetic levitation which is under near-vacuum conditions. By this technology, the vehicle can move up to the speed of 1223 km/h.

As per a report, Virgin Hyperloop one carries 200 million passengers daily. Now 75 million people travel daily which grow almost double by 2026. However, the company has to face many problems in stabilizing this project in India such as Land acquisitions. This transportation system never tested on humans However company tested hundred of test with undergoing project in various country like the US, UAE in addition to India.

To run the highspeed rail network company will build its full-scale track in India. It will be an alternative to short-distance air travel. This transport system emits zero-emission, the company said in a press conference. This 100% electric transportation network will reduce 86,000 tones of greenhouse gas in 30 years.

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