Millions of Android phone affected by “Agent Smith Malware”

As per the report, “Agent Smith Malware” affects 25 million Android phones globally. It affects 15 million Android smartphone only in India. This malware doesn’t steal any data but it shows too many ads and makes money. These apps downloaded from the 3rd party Android app store like 9Apps.

An Israeli security firm “Checkpoint” first discover this malware. cybersecurity firm report states that “the malware is usually downloaded on to your phone disguised as Google or Google-related app”.

Once installed on your phone these apps shows ads which will make money. However, if you left this on your phone “Agent Smith Malware” could be used to gain access to your Bank detail, call log, etc. and cause more harm.

Most of the affected devices are located in India. Penalty of the user in India, UAE, and Southeast Asia region uses 9app store. People download the app which is not available on the Google play store.

As now these apps are no longer in store.

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