Netflix launches it’s the cheapest plan in India.

Netflix is testing some new plans for India. Now the company has launched a mobile phone plan of Rs 199. Customers in this plan will only get SD quality. Additionally, users will be able to use this plan only on one screen and validity only for one month in this plan.

The company has named the new plan “Go Mobile“. This means that this plan can only be used in smartphones in one screen. While using the new plan the TV can not be cast.

The company was also testing the Weekly Plan for India first. However now the company has made it clear that only the monthly plans will be dropped. The special feature of the new 199-rupee plan is that it can be run in old smartphones and cheap smartphones. However, only 480p will support SD content and users will not be able to view content at HD or 720p resolution or greater.

The company has informed that Indian users are more logged in to smartphones for Netflix compared to the whole world. In India, the first Netflix plans were initially priced from Rs 499. In this case, it was the most expensive online streaming platform in the Indian market and it was the most from Amazon Prime Video. The initial price for Amazon Prime Video in India is 129 rupees.

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