WhatsApp 5 top upcoming features

WhatsApp instant messaging app is the most frequent app use by users globally. It has 1.2 billion users worldwide, while it has 200 million daily active users in India.WhatsApp was launched as a basic messaging app to keep users connected and now, it has become one of the most popular ways to communicate with others. With a huge database, Whatsapp has a tendency to regularly improve features and update. The Facebook-owned firm is working on more features to the app to make more interesting and favorable. Here, we are going to take a look of WhatsApp 5 top upcoming features.

Upcoming features for both iOS and Android version of the app

Dark Mode

The dark mode is most awaited features on Whatsapp. This feature has been spotted on Beta version of the app. The dark mode feature will change app background color white to black, it will reduce strain on eyes.

Quick media edit

This features spotted recently on Beta version of the app. These upcoming features of WhatsApp app, features allow users to make a change to sent or received. This feature is different from the existing WhatsApp edit tools.

Forwarded info

Last year Whatsapp add “forwarded” label on which massages has been forwarded. Whatsapp is going to improve these features by adding “frequently forwarded” label, In a bid to fight fake news and misinformation on its platform.

Whatsapp status in a new way

According to a report WhatsApp is currently testing a new feature for the Status feed which will essentially bring the WhatsApp Status of the contact you interact with the most on top. Currently, WhatsApp Status is based on which contact has shared his or her status most recently.

QR Code

This feature expected to launch soon. QR feature is quite similar to Nametags on Instagram which make easier to add a contact.WhatsApp currently uses QR code for WhatsApp Web that mirrors the phone version.

These are WhatsApp 5 top upcoming features.

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